automated growing solutions

Indoor Automated Hydroponics

5x yields of normal growing, in less space

At Home Systems

Sick of driving to the grocery store? With Evergreen's smart growing solutions you will grow an abundance of fresh produce at home.

Technology-Driven Results

Each Evergreen product is a smart grow system, optimized for your plants. Live sensors react to the environment to ensure ideal growing conditions that maximize yield and identify problems before they occur.

Food Strategy

We're working to eliminate the need for store-bought produce. Evergreen is designed to save you time, energy and funds so you can just focus on enjoying fresh, fantastic food.

Changing Communities

Most organic food is grown outside of your community. It is grown by a farmer, shipped in specialized containers to wholesalers and retailers, and finally, sold to you. We skip this process and close the loop at you, your family, your community.

our vision

-Locally-sourced, accessible produce.-

We believe that individuals and communities will change our broken food system. It is our responsibility - to change the way we grow and consume food by educating and empowering communities to become food-independent. Evergreen's automated growing systems can be operated by anyone that can use a smartphone. Grow what you want, 365 days a year. 

Let's transform the way we look at food by integrating automated, community growing spaces that produce local, organic produce in any climate.

We believe that individuals and communities will change our broken food system.

"Becoming an amature horticulturist started as a hobby. It soon became a way of life for our family. From there, it grew into a personal vision to make fresh food accessible. Food should not be a barrier for anyone's success."

Natasha Kalas

Founder, Evergreen

our products

Easy to Use

Evergreen's system is pre-programed with optimal plant growing conditions, but it can also be customized for more sophisticated growing systems.

Better Than Organic

Our system removes the need to use any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. Know what is in your food!

Tech-Enabled Algorithms

Let our experts handle all of the hard work. Our smart growing systems know what each plant needs to thrive. You simply login, select the plant you wish to grow and let the sysem take care of the rest!

What is Evergreen?


Automated Plant Care

Evergreen provides specialized solutions specific to each plant type. The system works whether you are growing one plant or many. Our hardware recognizes difference in the environment and auto-adjusts to make the evironment ideal for the plant.

Year Round Growing

Providing fresh local produce 365 days of the year in any climate.


Grow and become self reliant when it comes to your food sources. Every household can be capable of growing a majority of their own produce.

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